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Joy believes in people. She looks at them, is patient with them, loves them. When I am photographed - and I have been for nearly ten years by Joy - I become the most beautiful person I am. I feel it when I'm with her. I see it when I get the photos. It is not only my portait she captures, but my spirit. It's like she followed me all throughout my life and somehow *knows* what I really look like. The photographs are like a little secret that I'm not afraid to tell the world. Hope "I have never been the one to be the center of attention. As a child I was teased about my appearance quite often. Most of my life has been spent working behind the scenes. So, I would be lying if I said I was completely relaxed the day I found myself on the opposite side of the camera. Joy was the photographer. She does not hide her passion for her talent. I have never seen someone enjoy and appreciate their work so much! My nervousness instantly subsided with all the fun I was having! Joy loves her work and appreciates her subject so much one can't help but be comfortable. She is wonderful! The photos turned out incredible! Suddenly I was thankful for my big Polish nose and skinny arms. Joy turned my "flaws" into my favorite things about myself. Now I wake up with crazy hair and no makeup and see myself as beautiful! For the first time in my life, I feel extraordinary." - Davina Masiarczyk Joy is full of energy and very passionate about what she does. During our photoshoot, Joy was very confident and very good at leading the shoot. The photos are always more beautiful than I could imagine, and Joy is definitely an artist that uses her talent to turn ordinary people into magazine stars.Claudiu FofiuI've never thought of being photographed by someone. I never thought that I was really artistic or photogenic, but when Joy asked to photograph me it sounded like it would be fun, so I agreed. We spent a summer afternoon in the city using everything and nothing for our photo shoot. I loved how natural it all was, not just being in nature but how natural I felt being with her. Joy didn't force me to smile or be in awkward poses, she just let me be me and used her creative eye to get the best shot possible. It was one of the most memorble afternoons I've had in the Georgia summer heat and I would gladly do it again anytime! Joy is a beautiful woman, inside and out; she is truly a blessing.Sarah-Kate

I have never enjoyed a photo shoot like the ones I experienced with Joy. She is an artist. Joy really knows how to capture the models moods in her images. And it's apparent that she has a strong passion for photography. And then it's a chain reaction, and everyone has fun. As she was shooting, I thought of Keith Jarrett, an incredible jazz pianist. When he is creating one of his masterpieces, you can see the passion he has for it on his face. And it comes out in little moans that you can hear in the recordings if you listen for it. To me, it's similar with Joy. You'll have to shoot with her to truly understand how she is. But I'm telling you, it's a great experience. I am just so thrilled about how beautiful our images came out. ~Natasha

Before even meeting Joy, she made me feel special... and appreciated... and beautiful... and cherished. She had this spiritual effect that immediately made me feel comfortable. Joy's like one of those lingering hugs that frees you from life. She's fun, adorable, & super sweet and truly cares where your comfort zones end. Joy would never push you into something that doesn't represent who you are as a model or as a person. She manages to bring out class, fashion, beauty, style & personality in every image and you will definitely know when she's got THE shot :) I feel so blessed to have met and worked with her. She sets the expecatation of "what a shoot experience should be like" far beyond any other photographer's reach. Joy is simply a wonderful person with an amazing eye for photography.Kristi Ryczek